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Fairey Huntress 23

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Fairey Huntress 23

Fairey Huntress 23
From Russia With Love, 1963
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Fairey Huntress 23
Fairey Huntress 23
Fairey Huntress 23
Fairey Huntress 23

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From Russia With Love - 1963
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James Bond and Tatiana Romanova use the boat Red Grant had planned for his escape after killing them.

The Fairey Huntress 23 is a fast offshore two-bed weekender built of hot moulded agba (a type of African mahogany) veneers. She was originally a Ray Hunt designed hull modified by Alan Burnard, Fairey Marine's designer. A total of 241 boats were built from 1959 to 1979.

The filming involved a total of 5 boats, two Huntsman 28's (28 feet long), one long cabin 23' Huntress and two standard 23' Huntress. According to Peter Twiss 3 boats was towed to Scotland from the factory at Hamble near Southampton and the rest borrowed locally. One of the Huntsman 28's was used as camera boat. James Bonds boat is a normal Huntress 23 named 'Gay Dolphin' fitted with extra petrol in oil drums mounted in the cockpit. This arrangement was made at the Hamble factory and was tested in Southampton Water. The boat was owned by a Mr. Mackie-Campbell.

During filming in Scotland the lead SPECTRE boat was driven by former world airspeed record holder Peter Twiss and another by Fairey Marine sales director Charles Currey. Some rare photos from filming in Scotland can be found in our photo album.

At Pinewood Studios the scenes with the burning boats was shot using wooden mock-ups.

James Bond's boat can be seen at the National Motor Boat Museum at Pitsea, Essex where it is on display alongside many other classic boats.

Boat overview:
Huntsman 28, camera boat
Huntsman 28, hull 34, former named 'Fairey Huntsman', now: 'Here & Now'
Huntress 23, hull 61, 'Gay Dolphin', James Bond's boat
Huntress 23, hull 48, long cabin, named 'Liberty'
Huntress 23

Thank you to Tony Hamilton-Hunt, The Fairey Owners Club for proof reading and to Maciej, Poland for links.

From Russia With Love boat for sale

One of the Fairey Huntress used in 'From Russia With Love' was for sale in UK. It is one of the SPECTRE boats chasing Bond. It is hull no. 48, a long cabin and it was recently restored. Its current name is Liberty and it was on sale at Berthon Yacht Sales.

Fairey Huntress 23
Liberty in action in
From Russia With Love
Fairey Huntress 23 long cabin, hull 48, for sale
Liberty for sale

Technical Data

  • Manufactor: Fairey Marine, Hamble, UK
  • Type: Fairey Huntress 23
  • Engine: V8 Dearborn Interceptor petrol
  • Power: 215 hp
  • Top speed: 32 mph at 4.000 rpm
  • Cruise speed: 25 mph at 3.000 rpm
  • Max range (at cruise speed): 150 miles
  • Length overall: 23 ft
  • Max displacement: 4.750 lb


  • Oil drums with extra fuel

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Tony Hamilton-Hunt of The Fairey Owners Club, UK


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