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Bond in Motion, Brussels

by PS    20/10 2022   

A unique exhibition with iconic and original Bond Vehicles and scenery opens on 9th December 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

Come relive the 007 movies with the first official exhibition in Belgium that features spectacular sets, movie props and nearly 50 original vehicles that were used in the James Bond movies, including cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, and more.

The James Bond Film Guide

by PS    20/10 2022   

Available  14. December from Hero Collector Books, the new James Bond Film Guide covers all 25 official James Bond films in detail. The book contains 296-pages, nearly 500 photos and expores each film in detail, including plots, characters and most important to us the iconic vehicles. Pricetag USD 34,95.

007 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Junior Car - No Time To Die Edition

by PS    23/09 2021   

The 007 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Junior Car - No Time To Die Edition by The Little Car Company is a fully drivable two-thirds scale version of the original and comes with all the film gadgets and special effects. Only 125 vehicles will be built, making this the ultimate collector’s item. Pricetag: GBP 90.000.

James Bond's DB5

by PS    08/09 2021   

The first official history of James Bond's DB5. For the first time EON Productions have authorised an official history of this iconic car. Authors Will Lawrence and Simon Hugo. The book was published on September 28th and available from Eaglemoss Hero Collecor. Pricetag GBP 35/USD 50/EUR 43.

Final International trailer

by PS    02/09 2021   

Again we are spoiled with new scenes in this the Final International No Time To Die trailer.

The wait is over... in cinemas this month!



BMW 518 [E28] Police car
New data sheet, the police cars from the film Octopussy.


Ford Thunderbird, 2002
The Ford Thunderbird data sheet updated with new notes.


Acrostar Mini Jet (Bede Jet)
The Acrostar datasheet updated with further information and data.

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Searching for 007 vehicles

Chevrolet Corvette

The Ian Fleming Foundation and we are looking for vehicles from some of the James Bond films.



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