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Hiller UH-12E

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Hiller UH-12E

Hiller UH-12E
From Russia With Love, 1963
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Hiller UH-12E
Hiller UH-12E

007 Relations

From Russia With Love - 1963
Villain/henchmens vehicle
Persuers vehicle

Goldfinger - 1964
Villain/henchmens vehicle


Brings Rosa Klepp to S.P.E.C.T.R.E. island to check Grant.
Later the helicopter hunts Bond and Tatiana Romanova on their escape route from the Orient Express to the coast.

The helicopter chase sequence was actually filmed in Scotland. And the helicopter blown from the sky, was a 1:4 scale model filmed hanging in a string.

In 'Goldfinger' Pussy Galore transports the nuclear bomb and Mr. Goldfinger to Fort Knox in a Hiller UH-12E4 a 4 seat version.

The Hiller UH-12E's first flight was in November 1947 and it is still in production today.

The original 'From Russia with Love' Hiller is still airworthy and going strong. In fact it has its own website and the webmaster Tony Stigle is very interested in getting information regarding the helicopters used in making the film. See the contact details on the 007 helicopters web site.

Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: Rogerson Hiller Corporation
  • Model: Hiller UH-12E
  • Engine: 253,5 kW (340 hp) Texton Lycoming VO-540-C2A flat-six
  • Rotor diameter: 10,8 m (35 ft 5 in)
  • Fuselage length: 8,69 m (28 ft 6 in)
  • Overall length: 12,41 m (40 ft 9 in)
  • Height: 3,08 m (10 ft 1 in)
  • Empty weight: 798 kg (1.759 lb)
  • Max T-O weight: 1.406 kg (3.100 lb)
  • Max speed: 83 knots (154 kmh 96 mph)
  • Hovering ceiling IGE: 3.170 m (10.400 ft)
  • Service Ceiling: 4.570 m (15.000 ft)
  • Range: 278 km (173 miles) - w/auxiliary fuel 585 km (364 miles)
  • capacity: pilot + 2 passengers


  • None


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