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AMC Hornet hatchback special coupe

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AMC Hornet hatchback special coupe

AMC Hornet hatchback special coupe
The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974
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The Man with the Golden Gun - 1974
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Hornet hatchback appeared in 1973 as next child in the AMC Hornet family. Approx. 134.250 cars were produced until 1977 (incl. the 95.268 in the most succesfull years 1973-1974)

Basically it will be deeply remembered for one of the best stunt performances in the Bond serie - jump and 360 deg twist over the river, but the stunt is scarred with an annoying sound effect. This scene for movie was prepared with with almost Swiss precision:
a) The jump was calculated virtually using specialised computer equipment at Cornell University.
b) Car rebuilt - centrally-mounted steering to maintain the car's centre of gravity in the middle, some equipment dismounted to lighten the car.
c) Experienced stunt driver "Bumps" Willard ("Helldrivers" group member - already worked for Broccoli) was hired by the producer.
d) 8 cameras prepared to shoot the scene.
e) Divers in the water if anything went terribly wrong.

The scene went perfectly - it was a success in the first attempt. The result was so satisfactory that the producer rewarded the full team with champagne (it wasn't rather Don Perignan :) )

Hornet used in the film still exist - it is part of a collection of Bond items owned by the Ian Flemming Foundation, exposed in the museum in Southampton, UK

Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: American Motors Corporation
  • Type: Hornet hatchback Special Coupe
  • Engine: 232 CID V6 /100 HP or 304 CID V8 /150 HP
  • Body: Two-door hatchback
  • Length: 4,75 m (187 in)
  • Width: 1,8 m (71 in)
  • Weight: 1.258-1.317 kg (2.774-2.905 lb)
  • wheelbase: 2,74 m (108 in)
  • Fuel tank: 60,5 l (16 gall)
  • Capacity: Four passengers
  • Colour: Red


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