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Audi 200 Quattro

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Audi 200 Quattro

Audi 200 Quattro
The Living Daylights, 1987
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The Living Daylights - 1987
Vehicle Bond drives


Bond's car in Bratislava.
We first see this car at the beginning of the film when James Bond (Timothy Dalton) uses the car to drive the defecting Soviet general Georgi Koskov to the 'Trans-Siberian Pipeline' for his escape. It is also seen later when Bond uses the car the drive to and from the border.

In Tanger, Algier Bond is seen driving a stationcar version when he tails general Leonid Pushkin.

Technical Data

  • Manufactor: Audi (Germany)
  • Model: Audi 200 Quattro Avant
  • Engine: Front-mounted in-line 5-cyl with belt-driven ohc; alloy head. KKK turbocharger with inter-cooler
  • Power: 182 bhp (134 kW)
  • Transmission: 4-wheel drive; 5-speed manual gearbox.
  • Steering: Powersteering
  • Brakes: Vented discs front, solid discs rear, servo-assisted. ABS.
  • Unlades weight: 3108 lb (1410 kg)
  • Performance: Max. speed 139 mph (224 kmh)
    0-60 mph (100 kmh) 8,2 sec.
  • Colour: Light gray metallic
  • Numberplate: W207 182


  • None

Sources and Links

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