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Small underwater sledge

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Small underwater sledge

Small underwater sledge
Thunderball, 1965
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Thunderball - 1965
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These underwater sleds was used by Largo divers-bodyguards for fast transportation. During the underwater battle Bond takes over one of them and pursuits Largo and the atomic bomb he is transporting.

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This tow sled was specially build for the production company by Jordan Klein who was Director of Underwater Engineering. 14 units were built, only two of them survived till now.

One unit is owned by Ian Flemming Foundation, who exhibits it at diverse occasions. The spearguns mounted on it are exact replicas of the original weapon used in the movie - prepared by Bond fan Edward Maggiani specially for the Ian Fleming Foundation in 2007.

The second unit was owned by Jordan Klein. After many years he decided to sell it at the auction site Unit was restored to more than original condition - with functioning lights and fake spearguns. The auction was announced for 16.10.2014, expected price was 20.000 to 30.000 GBP. 

Technical Data

  • Length: 225cm (88'') 
  • Width: 89cm   (35”)
  • Propulsion: Electric lead acid battery


  • 2 pneumatic spearguns


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