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Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo

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Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo

Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo
Never Say Never Again, 1983
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Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo

007 Relations

Never Say Never Again - 1983
Company vehicle
Vehicle Bond drives


After killing MI6's representative in Nice 326, Largo's femme fatale Fatima Blush flees in her Renault Turbo leading Bond to persue her into her trap. Bond on the motorcycle evades the trap and the chase is on.

The turbocharger normally operates at speeds up to 170.000 rpm, and can safely spin up to a maximum of 210.000 rpm. The Mitsubishi turbocharger's output is limited to 7,7 psi of boost.

The bikes were heavily modified for some of the stunts, the body panels were even fitted to off-road bikes with spoked wheels and knobbly tyres (instead of the alloys of the standard road bike). The model is silver in production.

Approx 8.000 bikes were built between 1982 - 1983.

Thanks to Nick Smith for supplying this information - Sorry, but his website containing more pictures from the film has gone off line.

Four machines were used during filming. Stuntman Mike Runyard (former motocross champion) doubled for Sean Connery during the chase filming in Côte d' Azur.

Can you help?

The Ian Fleming Foundation and we are looking for information on the Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo used in 'Never Say Never Again'.

What happend to it after filming? Does it still exists? ...and if it do - where is it?

If you have any information that you think will help us in our quest, please take a few minutes to send us a mail.

Send your info to BMT 216A

So far we have this hint:
In Europe somewhere. It was on display in Braunschweig, Germany, 6. and 7. April 2013.
Thanks for the tip and link to 'James Bond's Vehicles'.

Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model: XJ 650 Turbo (in the USA: Seca 650 Turbo)
  • Year: 1982/3
  • Engine: 653cc (39,8 cu. in.) Air-cooled transverse turbocharged four-stroke in-line four
  • Power: 90 bhp
  • Transmission: 5 speed gearbox, shaft final drive
  • Suspension:
    - Front: Showa front forks, adjustment using air pressure
    - Rear: Twin Showa rear shocks, adjustments for air pressure, rebound damping
  • Brakes : Twin disks at front, drum on rear
  • Unladen weight: 257 kg
  • Performance: Max. speed 128 mph
  • Colour: Black


  • Bumpers front and rear.
  • Rocket turbo.


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