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Citroên 2CV

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Citroên 2CV

Citroên 2CV
For Your Eyes Only, 1981
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Citroên 2CV

007 Relations

For Your Eyes Only - 1981
Allieds/friends vehicle
Vehicle Bond drives
Vehicle Bond is passenger in


Melina's car.

4 models was used for filming. Chassis lengthened slightly towards the front to make room for the powerplant with the extra power needed for the stunt driving.

Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: Citroën
  • Model: 2CV
  • Engine: 1015cc flat-four Citroën GS
  • Power: 54 bhp (normal 29)
  • Performance: Max. speed 164 kmh
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Numberplate: M 1026 A


  • None


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