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British submarine M1

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British submarine M1

British submarine M1
You Only Live Twice, 1967
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You Only Live Twice - 1967
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Fleeing the destruction of Blofelds vulcano lair Aki and James Bond are rescued in their life raft on the deck of a submarine with pennant (an individual code assigned to the commissioned boat being in service) "M1", which can suprise some Royal Navy fans. I don't know it was accidental renaming or rather intended attempt to honour one of the most unusual submarines in the Royal Navy history, hovever thanks to this manoeuver submarine received double identity.

"M1" was the first unit from the M class completed at the end of WW1, but never used in combat. This experimental submarine was equipped with a huge 12 inch battleship cannon and the tactics was to rise to the surface and deliver a formidable blow from very short range. In theory no vessel was expected to survive such hit from M1. Several trials were conducted, showing that idea was good but hard to realize.

On 12 November 1925 at 07.45 M1 sunk during exercises off Devon coast - she was accidentally rammed by SS Vidar. No survivors were found, neither the vessel during the rescue action. The wreck was discovered 74 years later by By Innes McCartney and her diving team.

Ok now the real M1 history is cleared, lets go to the submarine who "played" M1. Our actor's name was HMS "Aeneas" and her pennant during the movie shooting was S27. Boat was launched 25th of October 1945 and entered service as the 3rd child from the new British A-class family (in summary 16 submarines of this type were built, from intended 46).

This submarine has quiet and peaceful service, names of her younger sisters, "Andrew" and "Affray" (well, brothers then) are much more known from the whole A-class family. The M1 identity she took probably in 1966 for the movie purposes.

In 1972 Aeneas was hired by Vickers (by the way - shipyard owned by this company built 10 A-class units, except Aeneas :D ) for trials of the Submarine-Launched Airflight Missile (SLAM) system. System got different opinions - from "crap" to "succesful trials". HMS Aeneas ended her service in 13-Dec-74 at Dunston, Tyne - vessel was scrapped.

Technical Data

  • Name: HMS Aeneas
  • type: A-Class (Acheron class) Diesel-electric attack submarine
  • Builder: Cammel Laird & Co Ltd, Birkenhead
  • Built: 25-Oct-45
  • Displacement: 1,385 tons surfaced
    1,620 tons submerged
  • Length: 281 ft 9 in (85.9 m)
  • Beam: 22 ft 6 in (9.9 m)
  • Draft: 17 ft (5.2 m)
  • Propulsion:
    • 2 x Admiralty 8 cylinder diesel engines 4300 HP
    • 2 x English Electric motors 1250 HP
  • Fuel: 300 tons
  • Maximum Speed: 18 knots surfaced (On diesel)
    8 knots submerged
  • Range: 500 miles at 11 knots (surfaced)
    90 miles at 3 knots (submerged)
  • Crew : 60


  • 'Snort'(Schnorkel) mast, allowing submarine to use diesels in the periscope depth.
  • 10 x 21" torpedo tubes 6 bow and 4 stern
  • 1 x 4" gun mounted forward
  • one 20mm Oerlikon cannon
  • 3 portable 0.303-inch machine-guns
  • 20 or 26 mines as additional armament

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