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updated 30/11-2022   

16/03-2024 Added more pictures to the AMC Matador X coupe data sheet.

30/07-2023 New data sheet: The Jaguar XF from the car chase in Matera in No Time To Die.

12/07-2023 New data sheet. The motor yacht Santa Mavra used in For Your Eyes Only.

26/06-2023 New data sheet: The Ford Edge from Quantum of Solace

13/03-2023 New data sheet published: The Toyota Land Cruiser from No Time To Die.

30/01-2023 New data sheet: The Jaguar XJ LWB from Skyfall.

05/01-2023 New data sheet: The Aston Martin DBS superleggera from No Time To Die.

08/11-2022 New data sheet, the police cars from the film Octopussy.

03/10-2022 The Ford Thunderbird data sheet updated with new notes.

22/09-2022 The Acrostar datasheet updated with further information and data.

19/01-2022 The gallery for the latest James Bond film has now been published. Four datasheets updated with No Time To Die information.

23/10-2021 The Aero Commander (Meyers) 200D updated with two more pictures from the film, You Only Live Twice.

03/10-2021 A new updated list of the vehicles in No Time To Die is now available on the vehicles by film page.

28/07-2021 On the vehicle list for Tomorrow Never Dies the Ford in the parking garage chase has been identified as a Ford Scorpio, and not a Ford Sierra. Thanks to Jukka Hänninen for correcting our mistake.

04/12-2020 New data sheet, Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman from Octopussy.

08/11-2020 New data sheet, HMS Tenby, from You Only Live Twice.

25/10-2020 New data sheet, the Lyman 18 Islander from Dr. No.

23/08-2020 The inspecting plane in On Her Majesty's Secret Service has been identified as a Morane-Saulnier MS.760A Paris.

15/03-2020 New data sheet, the Cessna A185F Skywagon seaplane from For Your Eyes Only, License to Kill and No Time to Die.

13/02-2020 New data sheet, the small underwater sledge from Thunderball.

29/01-2020 The speedboat in Goldeneye has been identified as a Monte Carlo Offshorer 30. Editorial and No Time To Die updates.

14/01-2020 Bentley 4¼-litre updated technical data and text after research. 4 vehicles has been identified: From Russia With Love a 1938 Bentley 4¼-litre, Casino Royale, 1967 a 1923 Bentley 3-litre, Never Say Never Again a 1937 Bentley 4¼-litre and finally A View To A Kill a 1983 Ford Thunderbird.

18/12-2019 New data sheet, the Fairey Huntsman 28 from From Russia With Love

13/11-2019 The Aston Martin DB5 data sheet is rewritten and updated with new information. The whole BMT 216A site just been updated to a new design. It contains larger and better pictures. Many pages has changed location or name, so old bookmarks might not work any more.

06/11-2019 New data sheet, the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander from SPECTRE.

14/09-2018 Production data added to the Mini Moke data sheet.

01/09-2018 Disco Volante cocoon information updated. Thanks to Jorge.

23/06-2018 More about the fate of the BSA A65 Lightning bikes after filming. Thanks to Brian Newman.

28/03-2018 New data sheet published, the Land Rover Series III from the pretitle sequence in The Living Daylights.

14/03-2018 Quantum of Solace gallery updated with new and better pictures. One new vehicle, Suzuki DR 650, added to the list.

28/02-2018 Casino Royale gallery updated with new and better pictures. One new vehicle, Ford Explorer, added to the list.

14/02-2018 The Die Another Day gallery updated with new and better pictures. One new vehicle, ZIL 131, added to the list.

31/01-2018 The World Is Not Enough gallery updated with new and better pictures. Three new vehicles added to the list: Rover 800, Wauxhall Omega and Pipeline inspection.

17/01-2018 Tomorrow Never Dies gallery updated with new and better pictures. Four new vehicles added to the list: ZIL 135, Ford F-350, Chinese fisherboat and Daihatsu Midget.

09/01-2018 Goldeneye gallery updated with new and better pictures. Three new vehicles added to the list: La Fayette, UAZ 3151 and Lada 1600/VAZ 2106.

02/01-2018 Fairey Huntress 23 data sheet updated with 'Liberty' for sale.

16/12-2017 Licence to Kill gallery updated with new and larger pictures. Eight new vehicles added to the list and gallery: Willys M38, Sharkeys boat, Orange rubber dinghy, gray rubber dinghy, Diver boat, Pirata speedboat, Jeep CJ-7 and Dodge Ram.

30/11-2017 The Living Daylights gallery updated with new and larger pictures. Five new vehicles added to the list: Steyr Pandur 6x6, Ratrac SR, Kässbohrer Flexmobil, CIA yacht and Dodge WC 51.

02/09-2017 A View To A Kill gallery updated with new and larger pictures. Five new vehicles added to the list: SkyShip 6000, General Gogols car, Dodge Monaco, Dodge Diplomat and Zorins Mine Tram. Minor update to the Chevrolet Corvette.

12/08-2017 New data sheet published, this time it's the Land Rover Defender Station Wagon used in two variants in 'Quantum of Solace' (2008).

29/01-2017 New data sheet, this time it's the Aero Commander 200D from 'You Only Live Twice' (1967).

29/12-2016 New datasheets the Mahindra CJ-3B from Octopussy. New data sheet the Willys Jeep from Octopussy.

27/11-2016 Skyfall helicopter Augusta Westland AW101 Merlin data sheet published.

03/11-2016 New data sheet for the Tuk Tuk taxi in Octopussy. Never Say Never Again gallery updated with new and larger pictures. An uidentified taxi added to the list.

15/10-2016 Octopussy gallery updated with new and larger pictures. Five new vehicles added to the list: Military motorcycle, Jeep M38 A1, Dodge M-37, Mahindra CJ-3B and Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

22/09-2016 New and larger pictures added to the For Your Eyes Only gallery. Plus 3 new vehicles added to the list: Zambroni ice machine, Mantis submarine and Panther yacht.

05/09-2016 Moonraker gallery, nev and larger pictures added. € missing vehicles added to the Moonraker list too. The Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine, Venezia speedboat, Glastron SSV-189 and Moonraker mobile.

14/08-2016 The Spy Who Loved Me gallery, new and larger pictures added. And 3 missing vehicles added to the list too. It's the speargun sledge, Liparus monorail and HMS Fearless.

30/07-2016 The 2015 Bond film Spectre gallery published, and the Spectre vehicle list updated.

13/07-2016 New and larger pictures in The Man With the Golden Gun gallery, and a new vehicle listed, the AMC Matador 1974.

25/06-2016 8 new vehicles in the 'Live And Let Die' list: The 5 Glastron boats hunting Bond, Mr. Bigs car in New York and his underground monorail and a New York taxi. Minor update to Bell 204 HUEY page, and added it to the 'Diamonds Are Forever' list.

20/06-2016 Vehicle #300 added to the lists. It's the Glastron cv19 from Live and Let Die.

19/06-2016 New and larger pictures of the vehicles in the Live and Let Die gallery.

16/05-2016 Diamonds Are Forever gallery and vehicles updated with new larger pictures. A new vehicle, Manitowoc, added to the gallery.

01/05-2016 Douglas DC-3 datasheet published. New and larger pictures of the vehicles in the gallery 'On Her Majestys Secret Service'. The VW beetle added to the gallery list too.

05/04-2016 Disco Volante page updated with the third Disco The Disco Volante stories has now been moved to their own page, new stories added New photo album: William Creighton's personal pictures from Nassau of the Avro Vulcan B1 mockup and Disco Volante before filming of Thunderball.

24/01-2016 New datasheet published: Nissan Bluebird 1.8 SE saloon, the Bolivian taxi from Quantum of Solace.

17/01-2016 The You Only Live Twice gallery and vehicles updated with new and larger pictures. Four new vehicles added to the You Only Live Twice list too: HMS Tenby, Tanakas subway train, Cargo mono rail, Astronaut transporter.

30/12: New photo album Aston Martin DB10's visit to Copenhagen 29. December.

5/12: Boat from end sequense in 'Dr. No' identified as a Lyman Islander 18' Runabout. Thanks to Jerry Koch.

11/10: Aston Martin V12 in Magic License Plate photo album.

7/9: Updated photo album, Call it a homage, with a new picture, thanks to 'HuUuB'.

2/8: New datasheet, the Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre.

12/7: Varga's boat added to the Thunderball list.

30/6: New and larger pictures in the Casino Royale 1967 gallery.

29/6: New and larger pictures in the Thunderball gallery and a new boat added to Thunderball vehicle list.

30/5: New and larger pictures in the Goldfinger gallery.

9/5: New vehicle in the Magic License Plates photo album.

25/4: Added picture of Disco Volante, mid 70's.

9/4: New and larger pictures in the From Russia With Love gallery.

3/4: New and larger pictures in Dr. No gallery and large pictures in Skyfall gallery.

14/3: New datasheet, Jaguar C-X75 from Spectre.

14/2: New datasheet, Fairchild C-123 Provider from Tomorrow Never Dies and updates to Land Rover Defender Double Cab and Ski-Doo pages.

30/1: New datasheet, Cessna 172P Skyhawk.

27/12: New datasheet, MD Explorer from 'Die Another Day'.

20/12: Minor updates to all Aston Martin pages.

17/11: New photo page 'Call it a homage'.

16/11: New photo page 'Skyfall Aston Martin DB5 in Monaco'.

28/5: New datasheet, MD 600N helicopter from 'Dia Another Day' and 'Casino Royale'.

13/4: New datasheet, Perry Submarine from 'The Spy Who Loved me'.

22/3: New datasheet, Land Rover Defender Double Cab 110 from 'Skyfall'. Minor updates to Bell 204 HUEY and Bell 206 Jet Ranger datasheets.

4/3: Updated the Aston Martin Vantage/Volante V8 page.

6/1: Updated the Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo page.

20/6: Winner of Prize Draw announced. Prize: Jaimee Paul, BONDED: A Tribute to the Music of James Bond goes to Nicolas Suszczyk, Argentina.

12/5: Launced a Prize Draw running to 12. June 2013. Prize: Jaimee Paul, BONDED: A Tribute to the Music of James Bond.
Added a search page powered by Google.

10/4: Updated the Magic License Plates page with the Bentley Continental GT from Texas.

9/3: A new data sheet published: The yacht S/Y Chimera from the film 'Skyfall'.

1/3: The last five photo pages republished in the new design. Aston Martin Vanquish in Riga, Original BMT 216A revolving number plate, A car with BMT 216A number plate, Buehler Turbocraft restoration and Aston Martin DB5 at Louwman Museum.

24/2: Skyfall vehicle gallery published, and added the missing casino boat to the vehicle list.

2/2: Two photo pages republished in the new design. Jaguar, Great Car Design and A genuine Bond car in Denmark?

17/1: New data sheet for the Glaston CV-23 HT from 'Moonraker' published.

31/12: New page design go live. Removed the BMT 216A shop and Top 10.

10/3: Updated the data sheet for the Toyota 2000 GT from 'You Only Live Twice'.

7/2: New data sheet for the Aston Martin DBS V12 from 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace' published.

23/12: PZL-2A (Mi-2) from For Your Eyes Only found. History and details.

8/10: Ford Ka and Alfa Romeo 159 from 'Quantum of Solance' data sheet published.

29/5: Ford F-100/F-250 from 'Goldfinger' data sheet published. And that completes the 'Goldfinger' vehicle list as the first film with data sheets for all listed vehicles.

6/5: Started search for the Yamaha XJ650 Turbo motocycle from 'Never Say Never Again'. The search is initiated by The Ian Fleming Foundation, they (and we) are very interested in information and location of the original motorcycle from the filming. If you have any information please contact us.

10/4: Datasheet 'Kingdom 5KR' alias 'The flying Saucer' from the film 'Never Say Never Again'.

12/3: New photo album: BMT 750iL replica

8/1: The Chevrolet C-10 Apache from 'From Russia With Love' data sheet added and a new Photo Album 'Aston Martin DB5 at Louwman Museum'. 'The Saint' and Aston Martin DB5 pages updated.

19/6: The Mercedes-Benz 220 from 'Goldfinger' data sheet added.

26/5: New data sheet for the Lada 1500 Police car from the first Timothy Dalton James Bond film 'The Living Daylights'.

10/5: New car identified and added to the list of 'Goldfinger'-vehicles: Mercedes-Benz 220.

2/5: New datasheet for a car from the film 'Goldfinger', Mercedes-Benz 180 added.

1/12: A car from 'Goldeneye' the little blue ZAZ-965A.

19/7: Called of the search for 'Disco Volante' and updated the page.

7/6: All 23 vehicles from 'Quantum of Solace' listed and pictures in the gallery.

29/11: Updated the datasheet for VW beetle from 'Octopussy' and 'Quantum of Solace'.

2/10: More pictures added to the photo album following the restoration of the Buehler Turbocraft. Datasheet for the Griffon Hovercraft updated.

28/9: Updated datasheet for the Osprey Hovercraft from 'Die Another Day'.

1/9: Missing car from 'Dr. No' listed - Leiter's Chevrolet Impala, driven by Quarel. Thanks to Milly Koch.

28/8: Photos of the restoration of the Buehler Turbocraft speedboat from 'Thunderball' in the photos section. Thanks a lot to James and Tamera Stewart.

20/6: 'Casino Royale': Le Chiffre's yacht Sunseeker Predator 108 datasheet published,

17/5: Photos of a car with BMT 216A numberplate in the photos section. Thanks a lot to Peter for sharing. New datasheet published: Spirit 54 yacht from 'Casino Royale'.

23/2: Photos of the original BMT 216A revolving numberplate in the photos section. Thanks a lot to Ray for sharing.

30/1: New datasheet published: the LaSalle Hearse from 'Dr. No'.

30/12: New datasheets, the Crab Key Dragon from 'Dr. No' and Stealth Boat from 'Tomorrow Never Dies'.

18/11: The BMT 216A's 7th year celebrated with addition of two new data sheets, the M1 submarine from 'You Only Live Twice' and Yacht Manticore from 'GoldenEye'. The Ford Mustang data sheet updated (thanks to Art).

12/9: The 'Casino Royale' vehicle gallery published with pictures of all the vehicles.

22/4: The yacht Moonmaiden II from the pretitle sequence in 'The Living Daylights'.

2/2: New data sheet added. Super tanker 'Liparus' from the film 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

3/12: Casino Royale vehicle list updated after seeing the film.

25/6: New photoalbum Aston Martin Vanquish in Riga.

18/66: Congratulations to the winner of the James Bond Gadget DVD competition: Michael Bacich, USA.

20/5: 'Casino Royale 2006' vehicle twin motor seaplane identified as a De Haviland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter and a data sheet published. James Bond Gadgets DVD contest relaunched.

18/5: Data sheet for New Holland W190 Wheel Loader from 'Casino Royale 2006'.

15/5: James Bond Gadgets DVD review and Honda ATC 90 datasheet published

20/3: Wavechrest from License to Kill is added to the vehicle list.

9/3: Two missing vessels added to the lists, TIANA of For Your Eyes Only, and Manticore of Goldeneye. AEC Regent III bus from 'Live And Let Die' data sheet added.

15/1: Cagiva motorcycle from 'Goldeneye' data sheet added. Photos of some of the secrets of the BMW 750iL from 'Tomorrow Never Dies' in the Photos section.

11/12: 'Casino Royale' rumoured vehicles Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Fiat Panda 4x4.

4/12: The Top 10 for November 2005.

13/11: Two more data sheets added, the two AMC's from the Man With the Golden Gun. The Top 10 for October 2005.

1/10: New photos in the Photos Section, two more vehicles added to the 'The Living Daylights' list and finally the Top 10 for September 2005.

11/9: Opel Senator datasheet added.

4/9: Top 10 for August 2005 added.

7/8: Two vehicles from 'Die Another Day' added to the list. Top 10 for April, May, June and July added.

17/6: Photos of the Jaguar XKR on display in Copenhagen added to the Photos section.

16/5: The appearance of number plate BMT 216A in The Saint episode. RSS news feed.

24/4: New data sheet Bell Aerosystems Rocketbelt from Thunderball.

10/4: Top 10 for March 2005 added.

27/3: Added 100th data sheet: Piper Cherokee PA-28 along with Ford Ranchero and Ford Country Squire station wagon as a special Easter 'Goldfinger' package. Top 10 for January and February 2005 added too.

27/2: A brand new section, Photos, with private photos from the filming in Scotland of From Russia with Love. GAZ-3102 Volga data sheet. BMT 216A News Letter #3 sent to subscribers.

24/2: Maciek Szymanski, Poland joined the BMT 216A Team.

6/2: Top 10 for September, October, November and December 2004. Plus new data sheet Fairey Huntress 23

1/9: Top 10 for August.

22/8: Top 10 for July and datasheet for Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo.

11/7: Top 10 for June.

6/6: Top 10 for April and May now online.

13/4: Datasheet for 'Disco Volante' added. Mailinglist subscription and sitemap now active.

4/4: Top 10 for March 2004 added.

23/3: Top 10 for January and February 2004 added.

15/2: New datasheets, Moon Buggy and Ford Thunderbird.

14/1: The Gallery function click to see a larger image is back.

4/1: Top 10 December 2003. Datasheet for the BSA A65 from 'Thunderball' added, thanks to Nigel Hodgetts.

10/12: Datasheet for the Antonov AN-124-100 from 'Die Another Day' added.

7/12: Top 10 for October and November added.

12/10: Iveco Ford cargo truck added to The Living Daylights list. New datasheet Griffon 2000TD-35 hovercraft

5/10: Top 10 for September added.

21/9: Minor changes in 6 datasheeta and Opel Senator added to vehiclelist.

1/9: Top 10 for August and Ski-Doo datasheet added.

10/8: Top 10 for July added.

6/7: Top 10 for June added.

12/6: Top 10 for May and a brand new section Photos.

11/5: 'Die Another Day' Gallery added.

1/5: Top 10 for April 2003.

20/4: New datasheet Range Rover.

6/4: Top 10 March 2003 added to the Top 10 page.

23/3: Updated 10 datasheets with new/additional information: Eurocopter 350B A-Star, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Robinson R-22 Beta, Sikorsky S-65, Aerospatiale HH-65A Dauphin, Hiller UH-12E, Bell 204 HUEY, Eurocopter PAH-2 Tiger, Westland HH-3 Sea King and Willys jeep.

2/3: Mercedes Benz SL convertible datasheet and Top 10 for February 2003 added.

9/2: From 'Licence to Kill' the Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub added.

2/2: Top 10 January 2003 added.

19/1: The Eurocopter 350B A-Star from 'Tomorrow Never Dies' added.

6/1: Added Top 10 data for December 2002.

22/12: New datasheet: BMW Cruiser R 1200C.

1/12: Top 10 for November added and 'Die Another Day' vehiclelist updated.

21/11: Our online mailorder shop with the cars from 'Die Another Day' opens.

6/11: 6 datasheets updated and Top 10 for October added.

13/10: New datasheet Glastron GT-150 added.

6/10: TOP 10 September.

22/9: Datasheet for Mercedes-Benz 600 added thanks to Jon Cleary for the link to the data.

5/9: TOP 10 August 2002 and Aero L-39 Albatros datasheet added.

4/8: TOP 10 July 2002 and Sikorsky S-65 datasheet added.

14/7: Datasheets for the BMW Z3 and Z8 added.

7/7: TOP 10 updated.

23/6: 'Die Another Day' vehicles Osprey 5 MkII hovercraft and Jaguar XKR convertible datasheets added.

2/6: Lincoln Mark VII LSC and Willys jeep added. TOP 10 updated width May 2002 and a brand new vehiclesearch function added to the righthand navigator.

12/5: Jaguar E Roadster and 'Casino Royale' gallery added. The galleries are now complete with all recent films.

5/5: The TOP 10 list for April 2002.

28/4: Datasheet for Lockheed Hercules C-130 and VW bug added. New vehicles added to the lists.

14/4: Two more datasheets added, Lincoln Continental and Eurocopter PAH-2 Tiger and the T-55 sheet updated.

7/4: TOP 10 for March 2002.

31/3: Casa C-212-200 Aviocar and Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo-Porter datasheets added.

17/3: 2 new datasheets added, Aerospatiale HH-65A Dauphin and Chevrole Camaro SS. The datasheets for Hiller UH-12E and the Shuttle was updated. In the shop CD-soundtracks and Region 2 DVD's has been added too.

3/3: Thanks to J.S. Brady for revealing the whereabouts of the B-17 from 'Thunderball'. 3 new datasheets added: Bentz Q-Boat, Airship 500 and Robinson R22. TOP 10 data for february published.

17/2: 'The World Is Not Enough' gallery and Maserati Biturbo datasheet added.

3/2: TOP 10 for January. Gallery 'Tomorrow Never Dies' added. New datasheets: Lockheed B-1A Lancer and Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Updated the Hawker Siddley Vulcan B.2 datasheet.

20/1: 'Never Say Never Again' gallery and Renault Turbo 2 datasheet added. Updated datasheets for Sunbeam Alpine, Aston Martin DBS, Moris Minor 1000 and MGB.

6/1: Four datasheets added, Renault 11 taxi, Russian T-55 tank, Audi stationcar and BMW 750iL. TOP 10 list updated with December 2001 hits. In the Gallery the option to see a larger picture is removed - You can still see the larger pictures in the datasheets.

27/12: Phantom III Rolls Royce, Chevrolet Corvette, Audi 200 Quattro and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud datasheets added.

9/12: Yet another gallery by James added ('Goldeneye'). 3 more datasheets added - Bentley 4 1/2 liter Sports Tourer, Rolls Royce Phantom V and MBB Bo-105 helicopter.

1/12: The TOP 10 is updated with November hits.

25/11: 'License To Kill' gallery by James added and datasheets for the Alfa Romeo GTV and Citroen Traction Avant.

4/11: TOP 10 list added with the top 10 most visited vehicle pages in October. Another gallery by James added ('The Living Daylights'). Datasheet for the Acrostar mini-jet and Westland Sea King added too.

21/10: Datasheet for the Austin A55 Cambridge and Chevrolet Bel-Air, both from 'Dr. No' added. James has made another gallery 'A View To A Kill'.

6/10: A little shop with James Bond vehicle related items added to the site in association with 4 datasheets added (Ford Zephyr, Boeing B-17, Brantley B2 and Rolls Royce Silver Shadow). 'Octopussy' gallery by James.

23/9: Westland Wessex and Space Shuttle datasheet. 'The Spy Who Loved Me' gallery by James.

9/9: Ford Thunderbird, MGB and Hughes 500 datasheet added. And James has made another gallery: 'Moonraker'.

2/9: James added Mini Moke datasheet and gallery for 'Live And Let Die'. Citroën 2CV datasheet added too.

26/8: Added datasheet for the Ford Mustang Mach 1 from 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

19/8: Datasheet for the Lotus Esprit from 'The Spy Who Loved Me' and Ferrari 355 GT from 'Goldeneye' added. JH made the new gallery: 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

12/8: New galleries 'On her Majesty's Secret Service' and James made the gallery 'The Man With The Golden Gun'. Datasheet for Triumph Stag, Bell 204 HUEY and Republic RC-3 Sea Bee added.

7/8: James added gallery with pictures from 'For your Eyes Only'. Datasheet for Bell 206 Jet Ranger and the Lotus Esprit Turbo 2.2 added.

29/7: A BMT 216A Team established with James Hawkins, Englang and Preben Søgaard, Denmark. Datasheet for the Ford Mustang from 'Goldfinger' added.

22/7: Thanks to James Hawkins for adding more vehicles to 'For Your Eye Only' and to Nick Dryhurst for correcting the Aston Martin DBS data. A link page added to the site. Datasheet for Kawasaki/Bell 47G added too.

10/6: Datasheet for the 'Aston Martin Vantage/Volante V8' from 'The Living Daylights' published.

27/5: Pictures from 'You Only Live Twice' added to the Gallery. Datasheet for the 'Kawasaki/Boeing Vertol CH-46E' published.

13/5: Vehicles in 'Dr. No', 'Goldfinger', 'You Only Live Twice', 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Live And Let Die' are identified, thanks to Derek Rolfson.

29/4: Datasheet for Toyota 2000GT and Alouette from 'You Only Live Twice' added. Vehicles in 'From Russia With Love', 'Thunderball' and 'Goldfinger' identified, thanks to Jim, San Francisco, California.

22/4: Datasheet for Morris Minor 1000 (from 'Thunderball') published.

13/4: Pictures from 'Thunderball' added to the Gallery. Datasheet for Sikorsky S-62 published.

9/4: Datasheets added for the Bell 47J and the Vulcan Bomber from 'Thunderball'.

8/4: Links added and checked.

1/4: Details from Wing Commander K.H. Wallis added to the 'Little Nellie' page.

25/3: Two cars added to the list (Octopussy and A View To A Kill) - Thanks to Sergej Nekora.

10/3: Goldfinger pictures added to the Gallery - Datasheet added for the Lockheed C-140 Jetstar.

28/1: The site goes public - End of experimenting - for the moment.

21/1: Picture gallery added with pictures from Dr. No and From Russia With Love.

7/1: More vehicles added to the list. The function of the vehiclepage and the menu changed.

30/12: More vehicles added to the list.

17/12: The Sunbeam Alpine page updated with picture. 10 more vehicles added to the list.

3/12: Data for Sunbeam Alpine added plus 62 more vehicles for the list - The list now contains 133 vehicles.

26/11: More vehicles (15) added to the vehicle list - Now the list contains 71 vehicles. New type of list published - now you can select the type of vehicle and category.

18/11: List of the vehicles James Bond uses and information page for the Aston Martin DB5 and 'Little Nellie' published.

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